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Wood Siding Styles For A Rustic Look

While vinyl siding may be low-maintenance and metal siding may offer an armor-like coating, many homeowners still choose wood because of its unmatched beauty, natural materials, and unique appearance. Wood can offer many different styles and aesthetics, whether you're looking for an upmarket style or a more rustic appearance.

In fact, if you're going for a rustic style, wood is definitely one of the best choices. Here are some different combinations of woods and siding styles to help you choose the exact look you want for your rustic cabin, off-the-grid home, or back-to-nature homestead.

Pine shingles

If you're going for a rustic look with a windswept atlantic coast flavor, white pine shingles may be just the product you need. These shingles can come in a variety of grades, and you can choose between traditional square shingles, shingles with rounded corners, or even more unusual shapes (some more rustic than others).

Cedar log siding

Even if your house isn't actually a log cabin, you can make it look exactly like one simply by installing log siding. Several types of log siding are available, such as half logs, D-logs, or tongue and groove style.

But either way, choosing wood log siding can give you an authentic log cabin aesthetic. And pairing the shape with a high-quality cedar wood can ensure that your log siding looks beautiful, ages gracefully, and lasts well for many years.

Redwood shakes

Shakes are a traditional shingle-like style of siding. The distinction is that whereas shingles typically present a smoother, more finished appearance due to being machined on the exterior surface, shakes are typically split (often by hand) for an even more rustic, rough-hewn type of texture. Redwood provides a beautiful color and added weather resistance to shake siding.

Cypress clapboard

Clapboard is a classic style that helps to protect the exterior of your home with overlapping boards. If you use a high-quality wood such as cypress, you can get not only a rustic feel but also a great, long-lasting siding. The preservatives naturally found in cypress wood help to boost its longevity.

These are just a few of the variations on wood siding that you could choose if you're going for a rustic look on your next siding project. Whether you want an eastern seaboard flair, a log-cabin-in-the-mountains approach, or a rough-hewn-shakes style, wood siding can be just what you're looking for.

Get in touch with your local siding contractor, like Weather-Tek Home Remodeling Center, to learn more about the siding options available and which ones will function best and provide the aesthetic you need.