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Measures To Take When Waterproofing The Exterior Of A Property

 A pretty solid strategy for protecting a home from water damage is waterproofing the exterior. This area of your home is the most exposed to water, so it's only natural that you focus your waterproofing efforts on this part of your home. These steps can make exterior waterproofing really pay off.

Rely on a Silicone-Based Water Sealant Product

Using sealant products on the exterior walls of your home is a good way to protect them and surrounding structures from water damage. You just need to find a product that has great water-proofing capabilities, which a silicone-based sealant product can provide.

The way silicone is mixed in with other water-repellants makes this sealant easy to work with and apply to walls. Just make sure your home doesn't have painted walls on the outside because the paint could interfere with your overall application. You would need to choose another sealing product if there was paint.

Grind Filler That's Used to Fix Walls

If you're planning to waterproof your home's exterior by applying sealant products to the walls, then you need to fix the damage that is present like cracks. You'll use filler to perform this step, but make sure you grind this product. That's going to give you even results and help fill in cracks and other structural issues better.

You can rent or purchase a special grinding machine to easily manipulate filler into the damaged portions of your exterior walls. Then you can apply sealants a lot easier and see better waterproofing results.

Have a Professional Water Test Performed After Completing a Waterproofing Solution

Whether you use sealant products or just set up structures that help water drain better away from your property, water tests need to be performed so that you can make sure your waterproofing measures are working. You want these tests to be professionally administered, too.

Then the right aspects of your waterproofing measures will be accounted for. Professional water testing can verify all sorts of waterproofing measures and give you meaningful data to use moving forward. If there is a flaw in your methods, these tests performed by professional companies will show them.

The exterior of properties is vulnerable to water, but you won't be anxious each time it rains or this part of your home gets wet if you just find the time to develop good waterproofing solutions. You can rely on a single solution or a combination of them. Just make sure they indeed work after getting them set up.