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A Guide to Door Damage and Consequences

If your doors are damaged, this can be problematic for several reasons. This guide on exterior doors can help you learn different ways they can end up being damaged and reasons why it is so important for you to have them repaired right away when they are damaged. Here is more on exterior residential doors that you will want to read: 

Ways Exterior Doors Can Be Damaged

1. The door can be damaged when moving large things through them

One of the ways a door can be damaged is when you are moving a large piece of furniture or a large appliance into or out of the house. In most cases, this damage may be minimal and include nothing more than a dent or a few scratches being put in the door. Repairing it may include nothing more than repainting it or patching it then repainting it. However, in some cases, the damage may be worse, and repairing it will take more than a patch kit and a bit of paint. 

2. The door may be damaged during a storm

A door can also be damaged during a severe storm. The strong winds may slam things like broken tree branches into the door causing damage to it. Or, large hail may cause the door to have a lot of dents or chips in it. If the door has decorative glass in it, then the glass can also be broken in a storm. 

3. The door may be kicked in

A door can be damaged by someone kicking it in. This may happen because an inebriated neighbor thinks it's their door and gets mad when their key won't work. Or, it may happen when someone in your household has a bad temper and kicks the door. No matter who kicks the door, the damage can be extensive and will need to be fixed right away. 

Why It Is Important to Have Door Damage Repaired Right Away

As soon as you notice damage, it's time to contact door repair services. This way, you can avoid the issues mentioned here, as well as others.