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Well Pump Services Are Needed If You Notice These Four Things

Does your home have a water well? If so, the well pump is an essential component involved in producing water. Well pumps are designed to last many years, but at some point, they made need repairs. They will always reach the end of their lifecycle. Well pumps usually do not immediately stop working. Their performance may decline over time. Homeowners who have water wells should get them routinely serviced. This will aid in identifying issues with the pump's operation and determining if the water is safe to drink. The following points will help you identify serious signs of needing well pump services.

Pumping Sand and Sediment

This is a serious issue that requires immediate attention, as sand and sediment can cause irreparable damages to well pumps. The phenomenon of sand and sediment in water produced by a well can be attributed to a few things. Wells have filters that are designed to filter sand and also silt. If the screen gets damaged or ages, it can not properly filter particles. Broken pipes can also cause sand and sediment to enter the water lines.

Lower Pressure than Usual

Pressure problems are often a sign of a well pump that is reaching the end of its life cycle. If you have made any amendments to your home such as a new bathroom or added new appliances that require water, your well pump might be too small to accommodate your upgrades. Some homeowners have water that has high iron levels. The iron bacteria can accumulate in the well water system and cause clogs, which impedes water flow. If this is the case, a well pump services technician can clean the iron bacteria, and the pump should function as normal.

No Water 

If your home is not getting any water, there could be a number of issues that are causing it. Pump issues that cause a home to not receive water can usually be determined by first checking the circuit breaker box. You can attempt to reset the breaker assigned to your well, and try to turn the pump back on. If it does not activate the well, you will need a well pump services technician to inspect your well pump. A pump that has reached the end of its life cycle cannot perform, and this could be the cause.

Water-Quality Changes

Routine well inspections are important. Water testing needs to be done if you notice a change in the quality of your well water. The odor, taste, and color of your water should not change and could be indicative of a failing pump.

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