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Ways To Ensure Your Home Addition Feels Spacious

An addition to your home can provide more square footage for your family to use, whether you're planning to set up the additional space as a home office, a spare bedroom, or something else. Home additions can range in size based on several factors, including your budget and the amount of space that you have in your yard. Regardless of how much square footage this new part of your home offers, you want it to feel spacious rather than cramped. While ensuring that you don't clutter the new space with furniture will help in this regard, there are several other things to consider in the meantime.

Access To The Addition

One of the decisions that you'll need to make about your home addition is what kind of access it will have. While some people have a standard doorway that leads into the new space, others opt for something more open — for example, instead of a standard doorway, you might have a larger opening in the wall that connects the addition to the rest of your home. In general, the latter scenario will help the new space to feel roomy, whereas a standard door might contribute to the space feeling smaller than it actually is.

Natural Light

You'll also want to think about how much natural light the addition will have. Natural light is one of the best ways to make any part of your home feel spacious. The addition will probably have three exterior walls, and it can be a good idea to have one window on each wall. This will ensure that the space feels bright, welcoming, and spacious. If you don't want windows on each wall — perhaps because you want shelving or a large entertainment unit against one wall — consider larger windows on the other walls or perhaps even a bay window to ensure that enough light gets in.

Light Paint And Flooring

The paint and the flooring will be among the last steps in completing the addition, but they can have a positive impact on your goal of ensuring that this room feels spacious. The color of paint that you choose for the walls doesn't have to be white, but it should be on the lighter side to help the room feel big. Similarly, lighter flooring, whether you go with carpet, tile, or hardwood, can also contribute to how big the addition feels. Talk about each of these ideas to your building contractor and see if they have other ideas about how the addition can feel spacious. A home addition contractor can provide more information.