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Things To Ask When Having A Well Drilled

Having a well drilled for the first time can be a confusing and daunting process. When you're not sure what to expect, it can leave you feeling as though you have more questions than answers. The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. If you take the time to talk with your well drilling contractor, you'll find that they are a wealth of information that can help you to understand your new well. Here are a few questions that you may want to ask.

How Deep Will The Well Be?

It's important to know your well's overall depth for a lot of reasons. First, the total depth tells you how low the water table can get in your area before you start losing your water supply. Further, it tells you roughly how much water you have access to. When your well drilling contractor determines where your well will be placed, ask them about the depth of the well.

One of the things to consider is the fact that your well water will be cleaner at greater depths. The general rule of thumb is that you'll have less risk of surface contaminants and such with deeper water, though you may find that there are higher concentrations of minerals in the water at greater depths.

Where Will The Well Be Placed?

Make sure that you know exactly where your well is located and how to access the well cap. These things are important because you need to keep vehicles and other heavy equipment away from your well location. Not only does that prevent any kind of contamination due to oil and other fluids, but it also prevents the excess weight from above crushing the walls of the well liner.

What Type Of Pump Do You Need?

Another important question to ask your well drilling contractor is what type of pump you'll need for the well. The right pump option will depend on your well's depth as well as where you need the pump to be. Above-ground pumps usually are restricted for shallow wells, while you'll need a submersible pump for deeper wells.

Will The Water Be Tested?

Having a well drilled is great, but it won't do you any good if the water isn't safe to drink and use. That's why it's important that your well drilling contractor test the water for you. The water should be tested when the well is drilled and then again periodically throughout the life of the well. Ask your well drilling contractor if they will handle the water testing when they drill and whether or not you'll be provided with a copy of the report.

These are some of the things that you should know when you're planning to have a well drilled on your property. For more tips, contact a company like Russell Well Drilling.