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What To Consider When Installing A Backyard Patio

Do you currently have a deck that looks like it is in disrepair, and you're tired of the maintenance of staining it and replacing broken boards? If so, you're likely considering having a new concrete patio poured to replace it. Here are some things to consider when building a concrete patio.

The Shape Of The Patio

One of the nice things about poured concrete is that you are not limited to any specific shape for the footprint of your patio. While wood beams may have limited your deck to be square or rectangular, concrete allows you to put in some curves that give it more elegance for your outdoor living space. It will help to sketch out some ideas of what you are thinking of when you meet with your concrete contractor.

If you need steps for your patio to reach a door, you'll also need to consider the shape and size of the steps. Will they be rounded and gradually get bigger as you go down the steps, or will they be squared off and straight? It really depends on how much room you have and what your personal preferences are for how the steps are made. 

The Color And Texture of The Concrete

A great way to improve the look of the concrete patio is to use stamped concrete. This construction method puts a design on the top of the concrete that will emulate the look of bricks and natural stone. Once the concrete has dried, a color can then be applied to the top of it. Color options can range from having one or two colors, or several colors to make it look like you actually have bricks that make up your concrete patio.

The Downspouts

Chances are that you have some downspouts around your patio that you don't want running across the surface. Know that these can be taken care of in several ways. You may prefer to have a French drain installed so that the downspouts are hidden underneath the concrete, or use pop-up drains instead. A pop-up drain is a deep hole with gravel along the bottom that allows the water to flow into it and absorb into the ground. If the rainfall is really heavy, the pit will fill with water and the drain will pop up out of the ground like a sprinkler head. The water then disperses around the drain in your lawn. 

Contact a construction contractor for more information regarding residential concrete work.