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Pests in Attic? Your Roof Could Have Entry Points in It

If birds, rats, and squirrels keep entering your attic during the year, check your roof for holes. There may be hidden openings throughout your roof. Learn how pests can use your roof to enter your home and what you can do about it below.

Where Are the Entry Points in Your Roof?

Pests, such as rats and insects, can live inside your attic throughout the year. Although pests can physically bore holes in your roof to enter your attic, they can also enter your attic if your roof already has some type of damage in it. Rodents and birds can take advantage of any entry point in your roof to enter your home and live.

Damaged fascia boards and soffits are some of the entry points mice and other animals use to invade homes. Fascia boards and soffits sit just below the roof's edge. If the material of your fascia boards and soffits rot or decay from moisture, pests can chew through the damaged material to enter your home.

The vents sitting on the surface of your roof can also allow pests to move into your home. Every vent on your roof should have a special mesh screen over it. If your vents lack the proper screens, vermin will use them to enter and exit your home on a regular basis.

If you suspect your roof contains any of the entry points above, call a contractor and repair your roof today.

How Do You Fix the Holes in Your Roof?

A contractor will check every area of your roof for entry points or holes. If a roofer finds entry points in the vents, they'll place screens over the pipes. If the pipes contain physical damage, such as loose bolts or rusted metal, a contractor can replace them.

A roofer will also check the fascia boards, soffits, and other potential entry points around your roof's edge for damage during the visit. If there's damage to the structures around your roof's edge, a contractor will either replace the components or repair them. A contractor may also install mesh screen guards over your gutters if they may become potential entry points in the future.

If the entire surface of your roof contains multiple entry points, a roofing contractor may offer to replace the structure for you. Your roof may become a haven for pests, moisture damage, and other issues in the future.

Learn how you can keep pests out of your attic by contacting a roofing contractor today.