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Issues That Could Impact Your Septic System's Drain Field

While the septic tank may be one of the largest and most important parts of your septic system, it is not the only part of the system that you will have to keep in working condition. The drain field is also a critical part of this system, and if it encounters problems, it will be necessary to undertake repairs as quickly as possible. However, you might not have much of an understanding of the types of issues that could impact your drain field.

Bacteria Imbalance In The Septic Tank

Your septic tank will have a large population of bacteria in it, and this is essential for rapidly breaking down any solid matter that enters the tank. Unfortunately, it can be possible for the bacteria in the septic tank to become unbalanced. If this occurs, the system may not be as effective at breaking down the solid waste that enters it, and this could lead to these materials entering the drain field. Once in the pipes of the drain field, any solid waste may be able to cause significant clogs that could prevent the drain field from evenly distributing the water from the septic tank.

Soil Erosion Near The Drain Field

Soil eroding under the drain field pipes is an issue that could cause major damage to these pipes. If the soil were to erode under large sections of the drain field pipes, it could cause them to start to warp, develop leaks or even rupture. In cases where the top layer of soil is eroding away, it could expose the pipes to colder temperatures during the winter, and this may increase the risk of the water in these pipes freezing. When a homeowner notices that there is erosion in the area where their drain field is located, they should take prompt actions to minimize the rate of erosion as well as to replace the soil that has been lost.

Root Intrusions Into The Drain Field Lines

The roots of plants will grow towards sources of moisture, and this can pose problems for a drain field. The small openings in the drain field lines can allow roots to grow into them fairly easily. Over time, large roots can start to clog the line. While you may not want to remove all of the large trees or other plants near the drain field, it is not always necessary to do this to protect these pipes. Rather, it is possible to install root guards around the drain field pipes that will be able to keep these roots away. 

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