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4 Useful Ready-Mix Concrete Additives

If you've decided to use ready-mix concrete on a construction job, then don't assume that your choices are limited to regular mixes. You can also buy concrete that contains additives. These additives give a mix extra properties which you might find useful.

Read on to find out more about common additives.

1. Fibers

While concrete is a tough and strong material, there are times when you might need to add strength to parts of a build. While you can use rebar to do this job, you might also need a secondary source of strength.

In this scenario, you can use a ready-mix concrete with fiber additives. These mixes contain tiny fibers made from metals, cellulose, glass, or man-made materials such as polyester or nylon. The fibers give the concrete extra reinforcement. Your concrete will be stronger and more resilient.

2. Corrosion Inhibitors

If a concrete build contains metal reinforcements, then you might have to factor in corrosion problems. In some cases, the metal that gives your concrete extra strength can actually cause some damage if it corrodes. This can be a problem if the metal comes into contact with corrosive chemicals or salt water.

Here, you can use a ready-mix concrete that contains a corrosion inhibitor. These products typically contain one or more chemicals that reduce the likelihood or extent of corrosion inside or around your concrete.

3. Setting Agents

Concrete sets at its own rate. Sometimes, this rate will suit your job. Or, you can work around the setting time to pour the concrete at the right pace.

However, sometimes, you need concrete to set faster or slower than the norm. For example, a mix that contains a retardant sets more slowly. This is useful if you have a complicated pour where you need more time to work on the concrete before it sets.

A mix that contains an accelerating additive will set faster than normal concrete. This is useful if you need a faster set, like if weather conditions are about to change and they might affect the way the concrete sets.

4. Plasticizers

If you are working on a complex build, then regular concrete might not have the workability you need. Here, you can use a mix that contains a plasticizer. This additive makes the flow of the concrete more liquid and loose. It becomes easier to pour, work on, and shape.

To find out more, contact ready mix concrete suppliers, like P & L Concrete Products Inc. They can help you choose the right mix for your job's needs.