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3 Signs That Indicate Your Automatic Doors Need Repairs

Automatic doors comprise sliding doors attached to a motor and sensors. When the sensors detect anyone approaching, they trigger the motor to slide open the doors.

However, automatic doors occasionally break down or malfunction. Hence it would help to learn about the different signs of a malfunctioning automatic door so that you can schedule prompt repairs. 

Here are three signs that you need to call a door repair contractor to fix your automatic doors. 

1. Doors Get Stuck Mid-Open

Automatic doors should open and close smoothly without getting stuck midway. But if your automatic doors get stuck midway, there could be an issue with the door track. 

The door track is a narrow tray that guides the automatic door along a straight line while opening or closing. But, the edges of the track often incur damage due to impact. As a result, a damaged track can become misaligned and cause the door to get stuck. 

Thus, when your automatic doors get stuck open, you should call a door repair contractor to check out the condition of the track. If the track has a minor misalignment, a door repair contractor can easily realign it. However, if the track has incurred severe damage, the door repair contractor may have to replace sections of the damaged track. 

2. Delayed Opening and Closing 

Automatic doors should open as soon as they detect someone approaching the door. Hence, if your automatic doors start opening much slower than usual, there is an issue.

In most cases, a delayed opening occurs when there is poor lubrication between the sliding doors and the track. Inadequate lubrication causes excess friction between the doors and the track, thus causing the door to open slower. Hence, before calling a door repair contractor, check if there is adequate lubrication in the track. 

But, if there is enough lubrication in the track, the next possible culprit is a sensor malfunction. If the sensor malfunctions, it may not detect a person approaching the door until they are inches from it. Hence, the sensor's delayed detection could be why the automatic door delays opening. 

As a result, you should call a door repair contractor to assess the issue with the sensor. 

3. Doors Won't Open

If your automatic doors refuse to open, you can blame it on the sensor or the motor. If the sensors have failed, they will not detect anyone approaching the doors. Hence the sensor will not trigger the motor to open the doors.

If the sensors are functioning, but the automatic door still won't open, the motor has probably failed. The motor provides the pulling force required to open the door. Hence, if the motor breaks down, your automatic doors won't open even if the sensor detects someone approaching the doors. 

Thus, if your automatic doors won't open, call an automatic door repair contractor to check the motor.