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Constructing A New Steel Building For Your Business Needs

Steel buildings are popular for manufacturing, warehousing, and storage needs in many industries. Determining what you need when considering steel building construction can be challenging, but working with a company that manufactures and builds steel buildings for businesses is often an excellent place to start.

Steel Structures

Steel building construction is different from traditional wood construction in many ways, and growing manufacturing businesses may use steel structures because they are durable, low maintenance, and flexible in the way they are designed. Many steel building manufacturers offer different configurations that are premade and assembled on-site.

However, they may also offer custom buildings for clients to meet specific needs and size requirements. Steel building construction can offer things like large open floor plans that make moving around with equipment easier or allow a business to tailor the manufacturing floor of their business for a specific workflow. 

Many of these buildings are available with additional space that can provide some offices, a break room, or other facilities required to ensure the business can operate smoothly from the structure. If the building is an additional warehouse or storage area, you may not need additional space inside. However, the options are there, so you may want to discuss them with the steel building construction company and choose a design that is right for your situation. 

Erecting Your Building

Most steel building construction starts with a solid concrete pad that forms the floor and foundation for the structure. Anchor points are added to the concrete when pouring it, and the steel frame of the new building gets bolted to them. If the building is wide open inside, the roof structure may be a truss construction that allows support without upright beams throughout the space. 

A crane will raise the roof pieces, and the contractor and crew can bolt the sections together once each piece is in position. If the building is premanufactured, the entire structure can go together very quickly, allowing you to have a new steel building construction complete in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Metal siding and roofing materials are typical for these steel buildings, but like everything else on the structure, you can talk with the manufacturer to determine what options are available to you and choose something that looks good and is durable enough for your needs. Sheet metal siding and roof panels have advantages to consider and often reduce the cost of construction because they are easily installed, can be precut for steel buildings, and will last for many years in all kinds of weather conditions.

If you have questions about steel building construction and the options or advantages they offer, sit down with the building manufacturer and discuss what you need and what they can offer to determine if you can work together on your project. 

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