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3 Advantages Of Detached ADUs Over Attached In-Law Apartments

In-law apartments are a great option for multi-generational living. These home additions provide a place for parents or other family members to live independently while still keeping them nearby. Of course, attached in-law apartments aren't the only option to achieve these goals. Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) can serve a similar function and might be a better option for many situations.

If you're considering adding an in-law apartment to your home, you may want to instead consider these three advantages to building an ADU to fulfill the same purpose.

1. Greater Independence

You may want to move family members into your home for many reasons. If you have a single parent, they may no longer enjoy living on their own as they enter their golden years, or they may find living independently unaffordable. Whatever the case, your family member would most likely prefer to retain as much of their independence and privacy as possible.

Although an in-law apartment can provide decent separation, an ADU is a detached structure fully independent from your main house. This configuration keeps your loved ones close by while providing a fully separated and private residence. Your loved ones can continue to live their own lives even though you'll never be more than a short distance away.

2. A Sense of Ownership

Convincing an elderly parent to move in with you isn't always easy. Your parent or parents may enjoy the advantages of homeownership and the ability to decorate and customize their space as they see fit. An attached in-law apartment can offer some privacy and separation, but it will always feel like a part of the main house.

With a detached ADU, your loved ones can have a sense of ownership over their residence. Since they'll be living in a completely separate structure, they can make changes and improvements as they see fit without disturbing your family or altering your home. If your loved ones are on the fence about moving in, this advantage may convince them to take the leap.

3. No Modifications Needed to Your Home

Building an attached in-law apartment on your home means fundamentally modifying the structure. This addition can improve the value of your home, but it will also create some inevitable disruption. You may also limit your future ability to construct other additions by using space for your in-law apartment. In a worst-case scenario, you may even lose some of your existing space to the apartment.

A detached ADU solves these problems by allowing you to choose a perfect plan for your loved ones without modifying your home or giving up any of your space. 

For more info about ADU floor plans, contact a local professional.