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Tommy Phillips

Issues That Could Impact Your Septic System's Drain Field

While the septic tank may be one of the largest and most important parts of your septic system, it is not the only part of the system that you will have to keep in working condition. The drain field is also a critical part of this system, and if it encounters problems, it will be necessary to undertake repairs as quickly as possible. However, you might not have much o

Pests in Attic? Your Roof Could Have Entry Points in It

If birds, rats, and squirrels keep entering your attic during the year, check your roof for holes. There may be hidden openings throughout your roof. Learn how pests can use your roof to enter your home and what you can do about it below. Where Are the Entry Points in Your Roof? Pests, such as rats and insects, can live inside your attic throughout the year. Although

How Installing Commercial Architectural Glass Doors Can Enhance Employee Productivity

Ensuring a productive environment for employees is a critical responsibility for a business. If businesses fail to do so, it can compromise employee productivity as well as the company's bottom line. Unfortunately, many businesses make the costly mistake of investing in poor-quality and uninviting materials and designs when constructing their commercial facilities. Th

Repairing Damage To Your Concrete Surfaces

Concrete is used in a variety of residential paving projects. Whether it is used for a patio, a driveway, or other areas, it can be a durable and affordable material. However, it is possible for the concrete to suffer damage that may lead to it needing repair. Patching Concrete Can Prevent Damage From Spreading Depending on the type of damage that your concrete has su

Worried About Your Seawall? Signs You Need To Schedule An Inspection

If you own a waterfront home, you also have a seawall. You might not realize it, but the seawall serves as a barrier between your property and the water. If the seawall deteriorates, your property is at an increased risk for water damage, such as erosion. One of the best ways to protect your seawall is to schedule routine inspections. If you haven't had the seawall in