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3 Things To Know About Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is where you take steps to protect your basement from water damage. The best method for waterproofing your basement will depend on how much moisture is present and your basement's layout and design. There are a few options, and it can be challenging to choose. If you are dealing with water in your basement or are concerned about water damage, it

"Little" Roof Repairs You Might Need After An Average Winter

After a big storm or a really harsh winter, it is common for homes to need extensive roof repairs, such as patches or flashing replacements. But what if this past winter was mild or average in your area? Do you still need to think about roof repairs? In some cases, you might. Even mild winters do cause some wear and tear on roofs. Here are some "little" repairs your r

Troubleshooting A Warm Refrigerator With Ice Formation In The Freezer

If you got up this morning and discovered your freezer was full of ice crystals and the refrigerator was too warm, chances are good there is ice buildup blocking cold air from flowing out of the freezer into the fridge. This is a common problem with refrigerators with freezers on top.  A clog frequently causes a problem in the drain line at the freezer's rear bas

How Can You Fix A Garage Door That Takes Forever To Close?

Does it seem like your garage door is taking forever to close these days? Maybe you stand there waiting and twiddling your thumbs, not wanting to walk away until it fully closes because part of you suspects it might not. Slow-closing garage doors can be frustrating, but this is not usually a hard problem for a garage door repair team to solve. There are two key proble

Designing Your New Building

The process of having a new building constructed can be an important investment to make whether it is for your business's needs or your own personal needs. The steps involved with designing the new structure can be one of the most important factors during this process as it will require you to make a number of critical decisions about the building. Identify The Most I