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Why You Need To Identify Boundaries Before Purchasing Commercial Property

Are you looking to purchase a new piece of commercial land or a commercial property in the near future? Make sure you know what you are getting into, including the exact location of your new property boundaries before you close on the sale. Here's why commercial land surveys are a good idea for any potential buyer of a commercial property.

Stay in Compliance With Zoning Laws

Commercial property is often governed by local zoning laws or regulations. You will need to know where your property begins and ends of course, but very likely more than just that. A land survey can help you figure out if there is an easement for a public utility or some other purpose. You may be required by law to avoid building within a certain distance of your property line, effectively narrowing the amount of space you have to build. Get the exact details in a land survey so you don't run afoul of local officials right after moving into your new digs.

Don't Upset Your Neighbor

Another person you don't want to upset after moving into your commercial property or beginning to build on your new commercial land is the neighbor next door. Regardless of whether it's a business or a residential property, they are not going to appreciate you encroaching onto the wrong side of the property lines. Avoid any bad blood and a potential lawsuit by knowing exactly where your lines stand before you move in.

The Size of Your Property Matters for Tax Purposes

When calculating your property taxes, the exact dimensions of your land do come into play. A commercial land survey that reveals that your land is actually a touch smaller than previously believed could actually work to your benefit because it could be cause for a reassessment of your property tax bill. If the land survey shows you have more land than you thought, your tax bill might go up in time, but you'll also benefit from the extra land, so it's still a win-win scenario.

Enforce Your Boundaries As Necessary

If you intend to strictly enforce the property boundaries on your new commercial land, you need to know with 100 percent certainty exactly where those lines start and stop. You can't legally kick someone off your land if it's not actually your land. Get it down on paper and make it official with a land survey and your security team will have what they need to keep your property safe and secure.

For more information about commercial land surveys, contact a local company.